The DocumentViewer class is a .NET component that can be used to display documents in the web browser in ASP.NET projects. The DocumentViewer class can be found in the TXTextControl.DocumentViewer.Web namespace. It is derived from the System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeControl class. The following describes only the properties and methods directly defined by the DocumentViewer class. For a list of properties, methods and events inherited from the System.Web.UI.WebControls.CompositeControl class see the .NET Framework reference.


public class DocumentViewer : CompositeControl
Public Class DocumentViewer
  Inherits CompositeControl

Introduced: 15.0.


Constructor Description
DocumentViewer Initializes a new instance of the DocumentViewer class.


Event Description
SaveDocument Occurs when DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer.Save has been called, while specifying the format parameter only.
SaveFormData Occurs when DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer.SaveUserInput has been called.


Method Description
Dispose Frees all resources used by the DocumentViewer instance.
LoadDocument Loads a document that is used for further processing.
LoadDocumentFromMemory Loads a document from a file that is used for further processing.
Save Initiates saving the currently loaded document.
SaveUserInput Initiates saving the currently loaded form's user input.


Property Description
DocumentController Gets or sets the DocumentServer.DocumentController object that is associated with the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer component.
DocumentPath Gets or sets the path to the document, which will be displayed in the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer.
EditMode Gets or sets whether the document viewer renders forms editable, i.e.
FieldBorderColor Gets or sets the color of the field borders, that is used when FieldBorderStyle is not None.
FieldBorderStyle Gets or sets whether and if so how the field borders are rendered, when EditMode is set to Edit.
Interpolation Gets or sets whether the rendered document is interpolated during the process.
InterpolationMode Gets or sets the interpolation mode which is used for rendering the document.
PageAnimationDuration Gets or sets the duration of the page animations in seconds.
PageAnimations Specifies whether CSS transition animations should be used or not when navigating through pages.
PageNumber Gets or sets the page number that the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer is displaying or should display respectively.
RoundedPageCorners Specifies whether rounded document page corners should be used or not.
ShowEditButton Specifies whether the edit button is shown or not.
ToolBar Specifies whether the document viewer's tool bar is displayed or not.
TotalPages Gets the total number of pages the loaded document contains.
ZoomFactor Gets or sets the zoom factor in percent.
ZoomTo Gets or sets the zoom behavior of the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer.