Initiates saving the currently loaded document. The actual saving is performed by a method which has to be bound to the DocumentServer.Web.DocumentViewer.SaveDocument event.


public void Save(DocumentServer.FileFormat format);
Public Sub Save(ByVal format As DocumentServer.FileFormat)


public void Save(string path);
Public Sub Save(ByVal path As String)

Save(String, DocumentServer.FileFormat)

public void Save(string path, DocumentServer.FileFormat format);
Public Sub Save(ByVal path As String, ByVal format As DocumentServer.FileFormat)


Parameter Description
format Specifies one of the DocumentServer.FileFormat values.
path Specifies where the document should be saved.


A given path is always relating to the server the document viewer is runnig on. Thus, it is good practice to define the path parameter using the HttpServerUtility.MapPath() method.