The SaveSettings class provides properties for advanced settings and information during save operations. See the TextControl.Save method for more information.


public sealed class SaveSettings
Public NotInheritable Class SaveSettings


The following example shows how to use the SaveSettings to create a password protected PDF document.

TXTextControl.SaveSettings save = new TXTextControl.SaveSettings();
save.UserPassword = "TX Text Control";

textControl1.Save("test.pdf", TXTextControl.StreamType.AdobePDF, save);
Dim save As TXTextControl.SaveSettings = New TXTextControl.SaveSettings()
save.UserPassword = "TX Text Control"

TextControl1.Save("test.pdf", TXTextControl.StreamType.AdobePDF, save)


Property Description
Author Sets the document's author which will be saved in the document.
BytesWritten Gets the number of bytes written during a save operation.
CreationDate Sets the document's creation date which will be saved in the document.
CreatorApplication Sets the application, which has created the document.
CssFileName HTML only.
CssSaveMode HTML only.
DigitalSignature Specifies a DigitalSignature object, which defines an X.509 certificate.
DocumentAccessPermissions Specifies how a document can be accessed after it has been opened.
DocumentBasePath Sets a base path saved in the document that is used to resolve relative file paths.
DocumentKeywords Sets the document's keywords which will be saved in the document.
DocumentLevelJavaScriptActions Specifies an array of strings containing Javascript.
DocumentSubject Sets the document's subject string which will be saved in the document.
DocumentTitle Sets the document's title that will be saved in the document.
EmbeddedFiles Specifies an array of EmbeddedFile objects which will be embedded in the saved document.
ImageCompressionQuality Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy image compression used when a document is saved.
ImageExportFilterIndex Sets the format used for saving all images contained in the document.
ImageMaxResolution Sets the maximum resolution for all images in the document in dots per inch when the document is saved.
ImageSaveMode Determines whether the document's images are stored through its data or through its file reference.
ImageSavePath Sets a file path that is used to save resources like images when images are saved as file link.
LastModificationDate Sets the date the document is last modified.
MasterPassword Specifies a password for the document's access permissions.
OmittedContent Specifies data to be omitted when the document is saved.
PageMargins Sets the margins saved for the document's pages.
PageSize Sets the width and height saved for the document's pages.
ReportingMergeBlockFormat Specifies how reporting merge blocks are handled when a document is saved.
SaveDocumentBackColor Specifies whether or not the document background color is saved.
SavedFile Read only.
SavedStreamType Read only.
UserDefinedDocumentProperties Sets a dictionary with all user-defined document properties which will be saved in the document.
UserPassword Specifies the password for the user when the document is reopened.

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