An instance of the RulerBarViewGenerator class can be used to visualize a ruler bar through an image. It manages a ServerVisualization.UserInput and a ServerVisualization.View object. These objects can be used to inform the generator about user input and to get a generated view depending on the input. A RulerBarViewGenerator object can be connected with a TextViewGenerator object to show the formatting attributes at the curent text input position. The RulerBarViewGenerator class is inherited from the System.ComponentModel.Component class. The following describes only the properties, methods and events defined through the RulerBarViewGenerator class. For a list of properties, methods and events inherited from the System.ComponentModel.Component class see the .NET Framework reference.


public class RulerBarViewGenerator : System.ComponentModel.Component
Public Class RulerBarViewGenerator
  Inherits System.ComponentModel.Component

Introduced: X11.


Constructor Description
RulerBarViewGenerator Initializes a new instance of the RulerBarViewGenerator class.


Method Description
Create Initializes the resources of a newly instantiated object.
ResetDisplayColors Resets all display colors of a ruler bar to their system dependent default values.


Property Description
Alignment Gets or sets a value specifying the alignment of the ruler bar in the document.
BorderStyle Gets or sets the border style of the ruler bar.
DisplayColors Gets or sets the colors of the ruler bar.
EnablePageMargins Enables or disables the setting of page margins.
FormulaMode Gets or sets a value specifying whether the ruler bar shows cell references when the current input position is in a table cell.
Location Gets or sets a location, in pixels.
ReadOnly Gets or sets a value determining the ruler bar's read only mode.
ScaleUnit Gets or sets the unit of the ruler bar's scale.
UserInput Gets the UserInput object, which can be used to inform the RulerBarViewGenerator about user input.
View Gets the View object, which informs about view changes and provides an image of the RulerBarViewGenerator's current state.