An instance of the View class represents a part of a document for which an image can be generated. The part is defined through the view's location and size. It can be obtained through the ServerVisualization.TextViewGenerator.View, ServerVisualization.RulerBarViewGenerator.View, ServerVisualization.StatusBarViewGenerator.View and ServerVisualization.DialogViewGenerator.View properties.


public class View : MarshalByRefObject
Public Class View
Inherits MarshalByRefObject

Introduced: X11.


Event Description
AutoHScroll Occurs when the horizontal location of the view has been changed automatically.
AutoVScroll Occurs when the vertical location of the view has been changed automatically.
Changed Occurs after the contents of the View object's image have been changed.
Zoomed Occurs after the View object's zoom factor has been changed.


Method Description
GetCursorKind Returns the cursor kind for a certain location in a document.
GetImage Gets a part of a document as an image.
GetUpdateRectangle Returns the coordinates of the smallest rectangle that completely encloses the update region.
OnAutoHScroll Raises the AutoHScroll event.
OnAutoVScroll Raises the AutoVScroll event.
OnChanged Raises the view's Changed event.
OnZoomed Raises the View's Zoomed event.


Property Description
Location Gets or sets the view's location, in twips.
ScrollPadding This property gets the minimum amout of the visible page background.
Size Gets or sets the view's size, in twips.
ZoomFactor Gets or sets the zoom factor, in percent, with which the View object generates the image.