Gets a part of a document as an image.


public System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap GetImage()
Public Function GetImage() As System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap


public System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap GetImage(System.Drawing.Rectangle clipRectangle)
Public Function GetImage(ByVal clipRectangle As System.Drawing.Rectangle) As System.Drawing.Imaging.Bitmap


public bool GetImage(out byte[] arImage)
Public Function GetImage(ByRef arImage As Byte()) As Boolean

GetImage(Out, System.Drawing.Rectangle)

public bool GetImage(out byte[] arImage, System.Drawing.Rectangle clipRectangle)
Public Function GetImage(ByRef arImage As Byte(), ByVal clipRectangle As System.Drawing.Rectangle) As Boolean


Parameter Description
arImage Specifies a byte array into which the data is saved. No memory needs to be allocated through the caller.
clipRectangle Specifies the clipping, in pixels, relative to the top-left corner of the image, determined through the View.Location and View.Size properties.