The SignatureSettings class describes the settings that are required for a document signing process using the DocumentViewer.


public class SignatureSettings
Public Class SignatureSettings

Introduced: X14.


The following code shows how to include a DocumentViewer with enabled signature settings.

@Html.TXTextControl().DocumentViewer(settings => {
    settings.DocumentPath = Server.MapPath("~/App_Data/sign.tx");
    settings.Dock = DocumentViewerSettings.DockStyle.Fill;
    settings.SignatureSettings = new SignatureSettings()
        ShowSignatureBar = true,
        OwnerName = "Josh Jackson",
        SignerName = "Peter Petersen",
        SignerInitials = "PP",
        SignatureBoxName = "txsign",
        UniqueId = "12345-12345-12345-12345"


Constructor Description
SignatureSettings Creates a new instance of the Web.MVC.DocumentViewer.SignatureSettings class.


Property Description
CustomSignatureData Specifies whether a custom signature style is used or not.
CustomSigning Specifies whether the signing process is handled within custom code.
DefaultSignatureFont The default font for the signature based on a text.
OwnerName Specifies the name of the document owner.
RedirectUrlAfterSignature Specifies an Url that is used for a controller-side redirection after a successful signature acquisition process.
ShowSignatureBar Specifies whether the signature bar is shown on initializing the DocumentViewer.
SignatureBoxName Obsolete.
SignatureBoxes Specifies a collection of signature boxes.
SignerInitials Specifies the initials of the signer that is supposed to sign the document.
SignerName Specifies the name of the signer that is supposed to sign the document.
UniqueId Specifies a unique document string that is rendered on the document.