New Features and Update Notes

TX Text Control 13.0 provides the several new features all described in the following tables.

Vertical Ruler Bar

TX Text Control now offers a vertical ruler bar with which the user can set the top and the bottom page margin, the position and the height of headers and footers and the height of table cells. The RulerBar class has an additional Alignment property to switch the bar from horizontal to vertical. The control's Dock property sets the bar's direction automatically. The vertical ruler bar is connected to a TextControl with the TextControl.VerticalRulerBar property.

Tool Bar Design

All tool bars now support the Windows color schemes that can be selected through the system settings. The buttons and the background of the button bar has a light to dark variation in color and the ruler bar and status bar have a unified background color depending on the system's color scheme. The new design can be selected through the ColorScheme setting of the ButtonBar.ButtonStyle, ButtonBar.BorderStyle, RulerBar.BorderStyle and StatusBar.BorderStyle properties.

Paragraph Formatting

TX Text Control offers a new dialog box for setting paragraph attributes. Additional features have been added to set paragraph frames and textflow options like Keep with next paragraph, Keep lines of paragraph together, Page break before paragraph and Widow/Orphan control. These features are also available with the ParagraphFormat.KeepWithNext, ParagraphFormat.KeepLinesTogether, ParagraphFormat.PageBreakBefore and ParagraphFormat.WidowOrphanLines properties.

Clipboard Import

TX Text Control now imports HTML formatted text from the clipboard.

Hypertext Targets

The new property TextControl.DocumentTargetMarkers can be used to make hypertext targets visible.

TextControl.AutoControlSize Property

This property has been renamed from AutoSize to AutoControlSize because the System.Windows.Forms.Control class that is the base class of the TextControl class has been extended with an AutoSize property of a different type.

TextFieldCollection.Remove Method

The new keepText parameter can be used to preserve the field's text from deleting.

HypertextLinkCollection.Remove Method

The new keepText parameter can be used to preserve the hypertext link's text from deleting.

DocumentLinkCollection.Remove Method

The new keepText parameter can be used to preserve the document link's text from deleting.