The ApplicationField class supports text field formats of applications such as Microsoft Word. The class only provides an interface to retrieve and change the data and parameters of such fields. The field logic itself is not implemented. Currently supported applications and components are Microsoft Word and Heiler HeighEdit. For more information see the technical article Text Fields and Hypertext Links - Importing Fields from Microsoft Word.


public class ApplicationField : TextField
Public Class ApplicationField
  Inherits TextField

Introduced: 14.0.


The following example shows how to insert a new ApplicationField of type Microsoft Word.

TXTextControl.ApplicationField myAppField 
= new TXTextControl.ApplicationField(TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord,
"New ApplicationField",
new string[] {"FieldName"}); 

Dim myAppField As TXTextControl.ApplicationField =
    New TXTextControl.ApplicationField( _
    TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord, _
            "MERGEFIELD", _
            "New ApplicationField", _
            New String() {"FieldName"})


Constructor Description
ApplicationField Initializes a new instance of the ApplicationField class.


Property Description
Format Gets or sets the field's format.
Parameters Gets or sets the field's parameters.
TypeName Gets or sets the field's type name.

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