Initializes a new instance of the ApplicationField class. The format of the parameters depends on the application that supports the field. The field is initialized without syntax check.

ApplicationField(ApplicationFieldFormat, String, String, String[])

public ApplicationField(ApplicationFieldFormat format, string typeName, string text, string[] parameters);
Public Sub New(ByVal format As ApplicationFieldFormat, ByVal typeName As String, ByVal text As String, ByVal parameters As String())


Parameter Description
format Specifies the format of the field. The format depends on the application that supports the field. It can be ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord or ApplicationFieldFormat.HighEdit.
typeName Specifies the type name of the field. For example the type name of a Microsoft Word MergeField is MERGEFIELD.
text Specifies the visible text of the field.
parameters Specifies an array of strings which are the field's parameters. The order and format of the strings depend on the field's format. For example a Microsoft Word MergeField has the following format: MERGEFIELD FieldName [switches]. In this case the first string of the array is the FieldName and the following strings are possible switches. If a field has no parameters, null can be specified.