Gets or sets a value determining the button bar's read only mode. When the button bar is set to read only, it still shows all formatting attributes of the connected TextControl, but formatting attributes cannot be changed.

Introduced: X14.


public bool ReadOnly { get; set; }
Public Property ReadOnly As Boolean


This example shows how to use the ButtonBar´s 'ReadOnly' property. Here it is set to 'false' so that the formatting attributes can be changed.

TXTextControl.ButtonBar buttonBar1 = new TXTextControl.ButtonBar();
buttonBar1.ReadOnly = false;
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = new TXTextControl.Button[]{
buttonBar1.ButtonSeparators = new bool[] {true};
Dim buttonBar1 As TXTextControl.ButtonBar = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar()
buttonBar1.[ReadOnly] = False
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = New TXTextControl.Button() {TXTextControl.Button.FontBoldButton, TXTextControl.Button.FontItalicButton}
buttonBar1.ButtonSeparators = New Boolean() {True}