Gets or sets the colors of the button bar. These colors are only used when the BorderStyle and ButtonStyle properties have been set to ColorScheme. The property value is an object of the type ButtonBar.Colors.

Introduced: 15.1.


public ButtonBar.Colors DisplayColors { get; set; }
Public Property DisplayColors As ButtonBar.Colors


This example describes how to use the 'DisplayColors' property. Remember that these colors are only used when the 'BorderStyle' and 'ButtonStyle' properties have been set to 'ColorScheme' - which is also displayed in the following code snippet:

TXTextControl.ButtonBar buttonBar1 = new TXTextControl.ButtonBar();
buttonBar1.ButtonStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonStyle.ColorScheme; // must be set to 'ColorScheme'
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = new TXTextControl.Button[] {
                             TXTextControl.Button.FontNameComboBox };
buttonBar1.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonBarBorderStyle.ColorScheme; // must be set to 'ColorScheme'

TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors colors = new TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors();
colors.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White;
colors.ComboBoxBackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Azure;

buttonBar1.DisplayColors = colors; // In this line, the 'DisplayColors' property is set
Dim buttonBar1 As TXTextControl.ButtonBar = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar()
buttonBar1.ButtonStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonStyle.ColorScheme ' must be set to 'ColorScheme'
buttonBar1.ButtonPositions = New TXTextControl.Button() {TXTextControl.Button.FontBoldButton, TXTextControl.Button.FontNameComboBox}
buttonBar1.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.ButtonBarBorderStyle.ColorScheme ' must be set to 'ColorScheme'

Dim colors As TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors = New TXTextControl.ButtonBar.Colors()
colors.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White
colors.ComboBoxBackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Azure

buttonBar1.DisplayColors = colors ' In this line, the 'DisplayColors' property is set