Determines a certain clipboard format that can be pasted into a TextControl document. The enumeration contains the following values:


Member Description
Barcode Specifies a barcode.
Chart Specifies a chart.
HTMLFormat Specifies HTML format (Hypertext Markup Language).
Image Specifies an image. An image can be pasted, if it is a device dependent or a device independent bitmap, a TIFF image or a Windows metafile.
PlainText Specifies unformatted text.
RichTextFormat Specifies RTF format (Rich Text Format).
TXTextControlFormat Specifies formatted text in the internal TX Text Control format.
TXTextControlImage Specifies an image including information about how the image is positioned in the document (inline or geometrically positioned).
TXTextControlTextframe Specifies a TX Text Control textframe including its contents. The clipbord contains also information about how the textframe is positioned in the document (inline or geometrically positioned).

See Also

TextControl.GetClipboardFormats Method, WPF.TextControl.GetClipboardFormats Method, TextControl.Paste Method, WPF.TextControl.Paste Method.