Enumeration Description
AppendSettings Determines how text is appended to the document.
ApplicationFieldFormat Determines the format of an ApplicationField.
AutoSizeDirection Determines values for the AutoSize.AutoExpand and AutoSize.AutoShrink properties.
BinaryStreamType Determines a certain text format that must tbe stored in a one-dimensional byte array.
ClipboardFormat Determines a certain clipboard format that can be pasted into a TextControl document.
ContextMenuLocation Determines the location in the document where a context menu will be shown.
ControlChars Determines values for the control characters used in a TextControl document.
CursorKind Determines the kind of the cursor at a certain location in a document.
Direction Determines the writing direction of a paragraph.
FindOptions Determines search options for the Find methods.
Frame Determines which frameborders are visible of an image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing.
FrameInsertionMode Determines how the frame of an image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing can be inserted in the text.
FrameStyle Determines the style of a frame of an image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing.
HeaderFooterType Determines the type of a header or footer.
HorizontalAlignment Determines values for the horizontal alignment of the text or of text frames, images and charts.
ImageInsertionMode Determines how an Image can be inserted in the text.
Justification Determines the justification.
ListType Specifies the kind of a bulleted or numbered list.
MisspelledWordKind Specifies the kind of a misspelled word.
NumberFormat Specifies the format of a numbered list.
PageContent Defines the contents of a page's image returned from the Page.GetImage method.
PermanentControlChar Defines a control character which is shown permanently on the screen.
SectionBreakKind Specifies the kind of the section break.
StreamType Determines a certain text format.
StringStreamType Determines a certain text format that can be stored as a string.
TabType Determines the tabulator type.
TableAddPosition Specifies the position where to add table rows and columns or where to split a table.
TextFieldPosition Specifies special text input positions at the beginning and the end of a TextField.
TextFieldType Specifies types of text fields.
TextFrameInsertionMode Determines how a TextFrame can be inserted in the text.
ZOrder Specifies how the z-order of a frame (image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing) can be changed.
ZoomOption Specifies options how to set the zoom factor of a TextControl.