An object of the ConditionalInstruction class represents a list of form field related instructions that are executed when specific requirements, represented by an array of conditions, are fulfilled. Objects of that class can be added to an instance of the ConditionalInstructionCollection class. The TextControl validates the conditions and executes resulting instructions in case the document switches into the form protection mode and in case the related form fields have been changed. In order to switch the document into the form protection mode, the TextControl.EditMode property must be set to EditMode.ReadAndSelect and the TextControl.DocumentPermissions.ReadOnly property must be set to true. To execute Conditional Instructions in this context, the TextControl.IsFormFieldValidationEnabled property value must to be set to true.


public class ConditionalInstruction
Public Class ConditionalInstruction

Introduced: X18.


Constructor Description
ConditionalInstruction Initializes a new instance of the ConditionalInstruction class.


Method Description
Copy Returns a copy of this ConditionalInstruction object.


Property Description
Conditions Gets or sets an array of conditions, that represent the requirements that has to be fulfilled to execute the specified instructions.
Instructions Gets or sets an array of instructions that are executed when the specified conditions are fulfilled.
Name Gets or sets a name of the conditional instruction.