Inserts an instance of the class ConditionalInstruction to the collection and the document.


public bool Add(ConditionalInstruction conditionalInstruction);
Public Function Add(ByVal conditionalInstruction As ConditionalInstruction) As Boolean


Parameter Description
conditionalInstruction Specifies ConditionalInstruction element to add.

Return Value

The return value is true, if the ConditionalInstruction could be added. Otherwise false. A ConditionalInstruction element won't be added, if the TextControl.IsFormFieldValidationEnabled property is set to false or the TextControl.EditMode is set to EditMode.ReadAndSelect and TextControl.DocumentPermissions.ReadOnly to true.


A System.ArgumentException is thrown, if the Name property value of the added ConditionalInstruction object is null or already exists as the name of another ConditionalInstruction inside the collection. Furthermore an exception is thrown, if the ConditionalInstruction's Condtions or Instructions properties values do not contain elements.