Gets or sets the relational operator used as the comparison operator. See the description of the constructor of this class for possible values.


public DocumentServer.DataShaping.RelationalOperator ComparisonOperator { get; set; }
Public Property ComparisonOperator() As DocumentServer.DataShaping.RelationalOperator


Member Description
Equals The expression values must be equal.
NotEqual The expression values must be not equal.
LessThan Expression 1 is less than expression 2.
GreaterThan Expression 1 is greater than expression 2.
GreaterThanOrEqualTo Expression 1 is greater than or equal to expression 2.
LessThanOrEqualTo Expression 1 is less than or equal to expression 2.
IsBlank The expression must be null or empty.
IsNotBlank The expression must not be null or empty.


The following example shows the FilterInstruction class. Here, for the purpose of comparison, the ComparisonOperator property is set to 'Equals' (relation operator '=').

TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction instruction = new TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction();
instruction.ColumnName = "-----";
instruction.ComparisonOperator = TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.RelationalOperator.Equals;
Dim instruction As TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction = New TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction()
instruction.ColumnName = "-----"
instruction.ComparisonOperator = TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.RelationalOperator.Equals