The FilterInstruction class is used to filter merge block data by certain conditions before merging. A filter instruction represents a condition which must be fulfilled by the content of a data row in a data table to execute a certain merge action. It uses a relational operator such as "is equal to" or "is greater than" to compare a given value to the contents of a specified data row column. This class is used in class MergeBlockInfo to determine if a merge block should be merged at all, for example. Multiple filter instructions can be logically concatenated using "and" and "or" operators.


public class FilterInstruction
Public Class FilterInstruction

Introduced: X16.


The following example shows the FilterInstruction class. The ColumnName property is used to set the name of the table column.

TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction instruction = new TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction();
instruction.ColumnName = "-----";
Dim instruction As TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction = New TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction()
instruction.ColumnName = "-----"


Constructor Description
FilterInstruction Initializes a new instance of the FilterInstruction class.


Property Description
ColumnName Gets or sets the name of the table column whose content this merge condition is compared to.
CompareTo Gets or sets the value the table column content is compared to using the specified comparison operator.
ComparisonOperator Gets or sets the relational operator used as the comparison operator.
Culture Gets or sets the format provider for numerical value comparison.
LogicalOperator Gets or sets the logical operator by which to logically connect a filter instruction to the previous one if a filter consists of a collection of multiple filter instructions.