The abstract FieldAdapter class is the base class of all special DocumentServer field adapters. It implements general features like the adapted ApplicationField or the specific TypeName. These special fields can be only used in combination with the ApplicationField class.


public abstract class FieldAdapter
Public MustInherit Class FieldAdapter

Introduced: 15.0.


Constructor Description
FieldAdapter Initializes a new instance of the FieldAdapter class.


Field Description
TYPE_NAME Represents the name of the respective field type.


Method Description
ShowDialog Opens the specific field options dialog box.


Property Description
ApplicationField Gets the adapted ApplicationField of the field.
ID Gets the ID of the specific field through its adapter.
Length Gets the number of characters in a text field through its adapter.
Start Gets the first character position (one-based) of the field through its adapter.
TypeName Gets the field's type name of the specific field through its adapter.

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