The DocumentSettings class provides properties which inform about general document settings, such as author and title, contained in the document the user is currently working on. A DocumentSettings object is provided through the TextControl.DocumentSettings or WPF.TextControl.DocumentSettings property. The object's values can be changed during a user is working on the document. When such a document is saved with one of the Save methods all settings are automatically stored but can be overwritten through the corresponding property of the SaveSettings class.


public sealed class DocumentSettings
Public NotInheritable Class DocumentSettings

Introduced: X19.


Property Description
Author Gets or sets the author of the current document.
CreationDate Gets or sets the document's creation date.
CreatorApplication Gets or sets the application, which has created the current document.
DocumentBasePath Gets or sets a file path that is used to search for resources like images or hypertext links.
DocumentKeywords Gets or sets the current document's keywords.
DocumentSubject Gets or sets the subject string of the current document.
DocumentTitle Gets or sets the current document's title.
EmbeddedFiles Gets or sets an array of EmbeddedFile objects providing the name, data and additional optional properties of files, which are embedded in the current document.
UserDefinedDocumentProperties Gets or sets a dictionary with all user-defined document properties contained in the current document.