Specifies how reporting merge blocks are handled when a document is saved. Reporting merge blocks can be saved in a document either through special document targets represented through DocumentTarget objects or through special subtextparts represented through SubTextPart objects. When a merge block is marked with document targets, the name of the starting marker begins with blockstart_ and the name of the ending marker begins with blockend_. When a merge block is marked through a subtextpart, its name begins with txmb_.

Introduced: X14.


public ReportingMergeBlockFormat ReportingMergeBlockFormat { get; set; }
Public Property ReportingMergeBlockFormat() As ReportingMergeBlockFormat


Member Description
Default The document is saved as it is. Reporting merge blocks are not converted.
DocumentTargets If the document contains reporting merge blocks marked with subtextparts, these subtextparts are converted to document targets.
SubTextParts This member is not used, when a document is saved.