Removes the specified misspelled word from a Text Control document. The method removes the word's reference in the list of misspelled words, but not the word's text in the document. If text is specified, this text replaces the word's text.


public bool Remove(MisspelledWord misspelledWord);
Public Function Remove(ByVal misspelledWord As MisspelledWord) As Boolean

Remove(MisspelledWord, String)

public bool Remove(MisspelledWord misspelledWord, string correctedText);
Public Function Remove(ByVal misspelledWord As MisspelledWord, correctedText As String) As Boolean


Parameter Description
misspelledWord Specifies the misspelled word to remove.
correctedText Specifies the corrected text. The current text of the word is replaced with this text.

Return Value

The return value is true, if the misspelled word could be removed. Otherwise, it is false.