Gets or sets the colors of the ruler bar. These colors are only used when the BorderStyle property has been set to ColorScheme. The property value is an object of the type RulerBar.Colors.

Introduced: 15.1.


public RulerBar.Colors DisplayColors { get; set; }
Public Property DisplayColors As RulerBar.Colors


The following example uses the DisplayColors property and sets its value to color white.

TXTextControl.RulerBar  rulerBar = new TXTextControl.RulerBar();

rulerBar.Alignment     = TXTextControl.RulerBarAlignment.Top;
rulerBar.BorderStyle   = TXTextControl.RulerBarBorderStyle.Flat;
rulerBar.FormulaMode   = TXTextControl.RulerBarFormulaMode.Auto;
rulerBar.DisplayColors = TXTextControl.RulerBar.Colors.White;
Dim rulerBar As TXTextControl.RulerBar = New TXTextControl.RulerBar()

rulerBar.Alignment     = TXTextControl.RulerBarAlignment.Top
rulerBar.BorderStyle   = TXTextControl.RulerBarBorderStyle.Flat
rulerBar.FormulaMode   = TXTextControl.RulerBarFormulaMode.Auto
rulerBar.DisplayColors = TXTextControl.RulerBar.Colors.White

End Sub