Enables or disables the setting of page margins. If the property's value is true, the setting of page margins is enabled.

Introduced: 13.0.


public bool EnablePageMargins { get; set; }
Public Property EnablePageMargins As Boolean


The following example uses the EnablePageMargins property and sets its value to true in order to enable setting of page margins.

TXTextControl.RulerBar  rulerBar = new TXTextControl.RulerBar();

rulerBar.Alignment         = TXTextControl.RulerBarAlignment.Top;
rulerBar.EnablePageMargins = true;
Dim rulerBar As TXTextControl.RulerBar = New TXTextControl.RulerBar()

rulerBar.Alignment         = TXTextControl.RulerBarAlignment.Top
rulerBar.EnablePageMargins = true

End Sub