Splits a table below or above the current input position. If the table does not contain the current input position it cannot be split. The Table.CanSplit property can be used to determine if a table can be split or not. If a table is split above the first row a new line is inserted above the table and if a table is split below the last row a new line is inserted below the table. This is useful to insert text above or below a nested table that immediately starts and/or ends at the beginning or the end of the cell in which it is nested.

Introduced: 11.0.


public bool Split(TableAddPosition position);
Public Function Split(ByVal position As TableAddPosition) As Boolean


Parameter Description
position Specifies the position where to split the table. It can be one of the TableAddPosition values:
Event Description
Before The table is split in front of the row with the current input position.
After The table is split behind the row with the current input position.

Return Value

The return value is true, if the table could be split. Otherwise it is false.