New Features

TX Text Control 27.0 provides the following new features:

DPI Awareness

TX Text Control was updated to handle other display scale factors than 96 DPI and supports System DPI aware applications. High resolution images are provided for all parts of TextControl's built-in user-interfaces. All other parts of the user-interface such as ribbons, dialog boxes, rulers and selection frames have been adapted and can be displayed on monitors up to 300 DPI or higher. It is recommended to set the DPI awareness mode through an application manifest setting.


To have access to the high resolution images used in the built-in ribbon tabs and toolbars the new static Windows.Forms.ResourceProvider and WPF.ResourceProvider classes can be used. All built-in images can be accessed via an unique identifier and with a specified display scale factor. The ResourceProvider classes also have methods to get all other built-in resources such as item texts and tooltips. This enables an application to use TextControl's resources in other parts of the user-interface.

UI Automation

TextControl supports the UI Automation TextPattern and the UI Automation ValuePattern interfaces for both, WPF and Windows Forms Applications. Exposing the textual content of a control is accomplished through the use of the TextPattern interface, which represents the contents of a text control. Furthermore, TextPattern requires the support of the TextPatternRange interface which exposes format and style attributes. TextPatternRange supports TextPattern by representing contiguous or multiple, disjoint text spans in a text control with a collection of Start and End endpoints. More information how to work with UI Automation can be found in the technical article Access TextControl via UI Automation.

Text Fields

All kinds of text fields, such as HypertextLinks, ApplicationFields and PageNumberFields can be highlighted with a specified highlight color. Highlighting depends on the TextField.HighlightMode property which can be set to Always, Never or Activated. The highlight color can be semitransparent, so that highlighting textfields can be mixed with other kinds coloring.


The RibbonReportingTab can be connected with a FieldNavigator Sidebar via the new RibbonReportingTab.FieldNavigatorSidebar property. Then the structure of a reporting file is automatically shown in the sidebar.