Gets or sets the field's parameters. The order and format of the strings depend on the field's format. For example a Microsoft Word MergeField has the following format: MERGEFIELD FieldName [switches]. In this case the first string of the array is the FieldName and the following strings are possible switches. The string MERGEFIELD is the type name of the field and can be obtained through the ApplicationField.TypeName property. If a field has no parameters, this array is null.


public string[] Parameters { get; set; }
Public Property Parameters() As String()


The following example iterates through all fields and sets the visible text of the address field to a specific value (Bakerstreet, London).

foreach (TXTextControl.ApplicationField appField in textControl1.ApplicationFields) {
    if (appField.TypeName == "MERGEFIELD" && 
    appField.Parameters[0] == "Address") {
        appField.Text = "Bakerstreet, London"; 
For Each appField As TXTextControl.ApplicationField In TextControl1.ApplicationFields
    If appField.TypeName = "MERGEFIELD" AndAlso appField.Parameters(0) = "Address" Then
        appField.Text = "Bakerstreet, London"
    End If