Copies the elements of the collection to an array, starting at a particular index.

CopyTo(Array, Int)

override public void CopyTo(Array array, int index);
Public Overloads Overrides Sub CopyTo(ByVal array As Array, ByVal index As Integer)


Parameter Description
array Specifies the array to copy to.
index Specifies the index of the destination array at which to begin copying.


The following example shows how to use the TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldCollection.GetItem Method.

//Copy content of textControl1.DocumentLinks to a new array named 'a1'
TXTextControl.DocumentLink[] a2 = new TXTextControl.DocumentLink[10];
textControl1.DocumentLinks.CopyTo(a2, 0);
Dim a2 As TXTextControl.DocumentLink() = New TXTextControl.DocumentLink(9) {}
textControl1.DocumentLinks.CopyTo(a2, 0)