Gets or sets the logical operator by which to logically connect a filter instruction to the previous one if a filter consists of a collection of multiple filter instructions. Possible values are listed in the description of the constructor of this class.


public DocumentServer.DataShaping.LogicalOperator LogicalOperator { get; set; }
Public Property LogicalOperator() As DocumentServer.DataShaping.LogicalOperator


Member Description
And The filter instructions are and-connected.
Or The filter instructions are or-connected.


The following example shows the FilterInstruction class. Here the LogicalOperator property has been set to the value 'And'. This means that if there are multiple instructions, then these instructions are and-connected to each other.

TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction instruction = new TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction();
instruction.ColumnName = "-----";
instruction.LogicalOperator = TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.LogicalOperator.And;
Dim instruction As TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction = New TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.FilterInstruction()
instruction.ColumnName = "-----"
instruction.LogicalOperator = TXTextControl.DocumentServer.DataShaping.LogicalOperator.And