The InsertMergeBlockDialog class allows the user to design and insert a merge block based on the currently selected master table. It is inserted at the current input position of a given Text Control instance. The InsertMergeBlockDialog is a modal dialog box which must be shown with the InsertMergeBlockDialog.ShowDialog method.


public class InsertMergeBlockDialog : System.Windows.Window
Public Class InsertMergeBlockDialog
  Inherits System.Windows.Window

Introduced: X14.


Constructor Description
InsertMergeBlockDialog Creates a InsertMergeBlockDialog object for the specified DocumentServer.DataSources.DataSourceManager.


Property Description
AddResult Returns whether the new block has successfully been inserted.
AddTableHeaderRow Indicates whether a separate header row has to be added to the table containing the repeating merge block.
BlockType Indicates the type of the merge block to be created.
CreatedTable Returns the newly created TXTextControl.Table if the merge block was inserted as a table row.
HighlightColor Returns the selected highlight color to be used for the sub text part representing the merge block.
MergeBlockInfo Returns a MergeBlockInfo object describing the merge block to be inserted.