The EmbeddedFile class represents a file embedded in another document. It is used with the LoadSettings.EmbeddedFiles and SaveSettings.EmbeddedFiles properties, currently only supported for PDF and PDF/A documents. An embedded file is specified through its name and its data and further optional properties such as a description string or a creation date.


public sealed class EmbeddedFile
Public NotInheritable Class EmbeddedFile

Introduced: X19.


Constructor Description
EmbeddedFile Initializes a new instance of the EmbeddedFile class.


Property Description
CreationDate Gets or sets the file's creation date.
Data Gets the file's data.
Description Gets or sets an optional file description.
FileName Gets the file's name.
LastModificationDate Gets or sets the date the file was last modified.
MIMEType Gets or sets an optional string specifying the file's type using types specified through the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) specification.
Relationship PDF/A only.