Gets or sets, in twips, the frame's current location. If the image, text frame, chart, barcode or drawing is anchored to a paragraph, the location is relative to the paragraph. Otherwise, it is relative to the document. If the frame has a horizontal alignment or if it is inserted inline, this property returns zero. This property cannot be set for images, text frames, charts, barcodes or drawings which are inserted inline.


public System.Drawing.Point Location { get; set; }
Public Property Location() As System.Drawing.Point


The following example shows the FrameBase class with four of its properties. The frameBase name is "points", is moveable at runtime and is left aligned. Here the 'location' property is set to a 'point' with the x value set to '20' and the y value also set to '20'.

TXTextControl.FrameBase frameBase = new TXTextControl.FrameBase();

frameBase.Name = "points";
frameBase.Sizeable = true;
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Left;
frameBase.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(20,20);
Dim frameBase As TXTextControl.FrameBase = New TXTextControl.FrameBase()

frameBase.Name = "points"
frameBase.Sizeable = True
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Left
frameBase.Location = New System.Drawing.Point(20, 20)