Gets or sets the frame's size in twips. For images this property is read only.


public System.Drawing.Size Size { get; set; }
Public Property Size() As System.Drawing.Size


The following example shows the FrameBase class with four of its properties. The frameBase name is "points", is moveable at runtime and is left aligned. Here the 'size' property is set to 50 pixels in height and 50 pixels in width.

TXTextControl.FrameBase frameBase = new TXTextControl.FrameBase();

frameBase.Name = "points";
frameBase.Sizeable = true;
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Left;
frameBase.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(50,50); // not possible for images
Dim frameBase As TXTextControl.FrameBase = New TXTextControl.FrameBase()

frameBase.Name = "points"
frameBase.Sizeable = True
frameBase.Alignment = TXTextControl.HorizontalAlignment.Left
frameBase.Size = New System.Drawing.Size(50, 50) ' not possible for images


For images this property is read only.