Gets the geometric location of the current text input position. The location is given in twips with an origin at the upper left corner of the document. The relationship between the upper left corner of the document and the upper left corner of the visible portion of the document can be obtained with the TextControl.ScrollLocation property.


public System.Drawing.Point Location { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property Location() As System.Drawing.Point


This example explains an easy use of the 'TXTextControl.InputPosition.Location' property. Here, the 'Location' number is stored in a variable of the type 'System.Drawing.Point'.

System.Drawing.Point currentLocation = new System.Drawing.Point();
currentLocation = textControl1.InputPosition.Location;
Dim currentLocation As System.Drawing.Point = New System.Drawing.Point()
currentLocation = TextControl1.InputPosition.Location


Read only.