Specifies an array of strings containing the type names of fields which are to be imported. This property is only taken into account, if the LoadSettings.ApplicationFieldFormat property is set to ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord or ApplicationFieldFormat.HighEdit. For example, if the LoadSettings.ApplicationFieldFormat is set to ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord and this array has the single string MERGEFIELD only Microsoft Word Merge Fields are loaded. If this property is null, which is the default value, all fields with the format specified through the LoadSettings.ApplicationFieldFormat are loaded.

Introduced: 14.0.


public string[] ApplicationFieldTypeNames { get; set; }
Public Property ApplicationFieldTypeNames() As String()


The following example shows how to use the LoadSettings to specify what field types should be imported.

TXTextControl.LoadSettings ls = new TXTextControl.LoadSettings();
ls.ApplicationFieldFormat = TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord;
string [] fields = new string[]{ "MERGEFIELD" }; // the field types are set in this line
ls.ApplicationFieldTypeNames = fields;
Dim ls As TXTextControl.LoadSettings = New TXTextControl.LoadSettings()
ls.ApplicationFieldFormat = TXTextControl.ApplicationFieldFormat.MSWord
Dim fields As String() = New String() {"MERGEFIELD"} ' the field types are set in this line
ls.ApplicationFieldTypeNames = fields


Microsoft Word and RTF only.