An instance of the SectionFormat class represents the formatting attributes of a section.


public class SectionFormat
Public Class SectionFormat

Introduced: 14.0.


The following example shows how to add a new section with a specific page size, orientation and margins into an existing document. Additionally, the section is devided into 3 columns with different column widths and column distances.

TXTextControl.SectionFormat sf = new TXTextControl.SectionFormat(3, new int[] { 1500, 2500, 5000 }, new int[] { 250, 500 });

sf.ColumnLineColor = Color.Black;
sf.ColumnLineWidth = 50;
sf.PageSize        = new TXTextControl.PageSize(500, 1000);
sf.Landscape       = true;
sf.PageMargins     = new TXTextControl.PageMargins(100, 100, 100, 100);


textControl1.Sections.GetItem().Format = sf;
Dim sf As New TXTextControl.SectionFormat(3, New Integer() {1500, 2500, 5000}, New Integer() {250, 500})

sf.ColumnLineColor = Color.Black
sf.ColumnLineWidth = 50
sf.PageSize        = New TXTextControl.PageSize(500, 1000)
sf.Landscape       = True
sf.PageMargins     = New TXTextControl.PageMargins(100, 100, 100, 100)


TextControl1.Sections.GetItem().Format = sf


Constructor Description
SectionFormat Creates a new instance of the SectionFormat class.


Enumeration Description
Attribute Determines a certain section format attribute.


Property Description
BreakKind Gets or sets the kind of the section break the section starts with.
ColumnDistances Gets the distances, in twips, between the columns on a page.
ColumnLineColor Gets or sets the color of a dividing line between two columns.
ColumnLineWidth Gets or sets the width of a dividing line between two columns.
ColumnWidths Gets the widths, in twips, of the columns on a page.
Columns Gets or sets the number of columns on a page.
EqualColumnWidth Gets or sets a value indicating whether the columns on a page have all the same width and the same distance between them.
Landscape Gets or sets a value indicating whether the section's page size is in landscape orientation.
PageBorder Gets or sets the attributes of a section's page border.
PageMargins Gets or sets the section's page margins.
PageSize Gets or sets the section's page size.
RestartPageNumbering Gets or sets a value indicating whether page numbering is restarted at the section's beginning.