An instance of the TableRow class represents a single row of a table in a Text Control document. It can be obtained from the table's row collection.


public class TableRow
Public Class TableRow


The following example shows how to handle table rows.

TXTextControl.TableCellFormat myCellFormat = new TXTextControl.TableCellFormat();
myCellFormat.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightGreen;
myCellFormat.BottomBorderWidth = 40;

TXTextControl.TableRow myRow = myTable.Rows.GetItem(1);
myRow.MinimumHeight = 1440; // 1 inch
myRow.AllowPageBreak = false;
myRow.CellFormat = myCellFormat;
Dim MyCellFormat As New TXTextControl.TableCellFormat()
MyCellFormat.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.LightGreen
MyCellFormat.BottomBorderWidth = 40

Dim MyRow As TXTextControl.TableRow = MyTable.Rows.GetItem(1)
MyRow.MinimumHeight = 1440 ' 1 inch
MyRow.AllowPageBreak = False
MyRow.CellFormat = MyCellFormat


Method Description
Select Selects the table row.


Property Description
AllowPageBreak Gets or sets a value specifying how the table row is formatted at page breaks.
CellFormat Gets or sets the formatting attributes of a table row.
IsHeader Gets or sets a value specifying whether the table row is part of the table's header.
MinimumHeight Gets or sets the minimum height, in twips, of the table row.
Row Gets the number of the table row represented through this table row object.