Specifies whether a text field can be deleted by the end-user while a TX Text Control document is being edited. The default setting of this property is true.


public bool Deleteable { get; set; }
Public Property Deleteable() As Boolean


The following example uses the 'TextField' class and sets its 'Deleteable' property to 'false' in order to prevent the deletion of the text field while the document is being edited.

TXTextControl.TextField field = new TXTextControl.TextField("Product");
   field.Name = "product";
   field.DoubledInputPosition = true;
   field.Deleteable = false;
   field.Editable = false;
   field.ShowActivated = true;
Dim field As TXTextControl.TextField = New TXTextControl.TextField("Product")
   field.Name = "product"
   field.DoubledInputPosition = true
   field.Deleteable = false
   field.Editable = false
   field.ShowActivated = true

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