Gets or sets an identifier for a text field. This identifier can be used to uniquely identify a text field.


public int ID { get; set; }
Public Property ID() As Integer


The following example uses the TextField class and shows how to insert a new field i.e. NewField and increase its ID i.e. FieldID.

TXTextControl.TextField NewField = new TXTextControl.TextField();
       NewField.Text = "--------";
       NewField.ID = FieldID;  // ID property set to FieldID
       NewField.DoubledInputPosition = true;
       NewField.ShowActivated = true;
FieldID += 1;
Dim NewField As TXTextControl.TextField = New TXTextControl.TextField()
    NewField.Text = "--------"
    NewField.ID = FieldID
    NewField.DoubledInputPosition = True
    NewField.ShowActivated = True
FieldID += 1

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