The DocumentViewerSettings class contains the DocumentViewer extension settings. It is used as a parameter for the Web.MVC.DocumentViewer.ControlsFactory.DocumentViewer method which creates new DocumentViewer instances.


public class DocumentViewerSettings
Public Class DocumentViewerSettings

Introduced: X14.


Property Description
BasePath Gets or sets the base path where to search for the TextControl controller that provides all asynchronous Http methods called by the DocumentViewer Javascript.
Dock Gets or sets a value specifying how the control is docked to its container or web site.
DocumentData Specifies document data to load a document from memory.
DocumentLoadSettings Settings for loading the document via DocumentData or DocumentPath.
DocumentPath Gets or sets the document path including the file name from where to load the document to view.
FormattingPrinter The name of a printer the text dimensions and capabilities of which are used to format the document.
IsSelectionActivated Specifies whether the text selection in documents is active or not.
ResourceManager Gets or sets the resource manager that can be used to apply custom resources such as translations.
ShowThumbnailPane Specifies whether the thumbnail view pane is visible.
SignatureSettings Specifies Web.MVC.DocumentViewer.SignatureSettings for document signing processes.
ToolbarDocked Specifies whether the toolbar is docked or not.
View Specifies which device specific view is shown.