Loads an XML database which is used to create table and field name menu items in the mailings ribbon tab.

Introduced: X13.


public Web.MVC.TextControl LoadXMLDatabase(string fileName);
Public Function LoadXMLDatabase(ByVal fileName as String) As Web.MVC.TextControl


public Web.MVC.TextControl LoadXMLDatabase(System.Xml.XmlDocument xmlDocument);
Public Function LoadXMLDatabase(ByVal xmlDocument as System.Xml.XmlDocument) As Web.MVC.TextControl


public Web.MVC.TextControl LoadXMLDatabase(System.IO.FileStream fileStream);
Public Function LoadXMLDatabase(ByVal fileStream as System.IO.FileStream) As Web.MVC.TextControl


Parameter Description
fileName Specifies an xml file from which the database is loaded.
xmlDocument Specifies an XmlDocument object from which the database is loaded.
fileStream Specifies an xml file from which the database is loaded. The data is loaded from the stream's current position.

Return Value

A reference to the Web.MVC.TextControl instance to allow method chaining.