Returns an array of System.Windows.Controls.Control objects that represents those items which are displayed in the context menu strip when the control is right clicked inside a shape.


public System.Windows.Controls.Control[] SelectedShapesMenuItems{ get; set; }
Public Property SelectedShapesMenuItems() As System.Windows.Controls.Control()

Default Values

Index 0: "Cut" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 1: "Copy" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 2: "Paste" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 3: Separator (System.Windows.Controls.Separator)

Index 4: "Bring to Front" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 5: "Send to Back" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 6: "Flip" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 7: Separator (System.Windows.Controls.Separator)

Index 8: "Movable" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 9: "Sizable" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 10: "Auto size" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 11: "Fit to Canvas" (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)

Index 12: Separator (System.Windows.Controls.Separator)

Index 13: "Format..." (System.Windows.Controls.MenuItem)