The MeasureConverter class provides a way to convert a measure in twips (twentieth of a point) to a value in another measuring unit. Twips are the measuring unit used by TXTextControl. Possible conversions are handled through the Unit property. The result of the conversion is a string or a double, which can be used to display the value for the user. This class can be used in XAML as a static resource to automatically convert bound property values.


[ValueConversion(typeof(int), typeof(string))]
[ValueConversion(typeof(int), typeof(double))]
public class MeasureConverter : IValueConverter
Public Class MeasureConverter
  Implements IValueConverter

Introduced: 16.0.


The following XAML example binds the InputFormat.TopDistance property to a text box using the WPF.MeasureConverter class. The value of the top distance is converted to centimeter.

    <tx:MeasureConverter Unit="Centimeter" x:Key="twipsConv" />
        Converter={StaticResource twipsConv},
        Mode=TwoWay}" />


Method Description
Convert Converts a value from twips to another meaasuring unit.
ConvertBack Converts a value from another measuring unit to twips.


Property Description
Decimals Gets or sets the number of decimals for the converted value.
ShowAllDecimals Gets or sets a value specifying whether all decimals set with the Decimals property are shown, when the result is a string.
Unit Gets or sets the measuring unit for the conversion.