The ObjectMiniToolbar class is a mini toolbar that appears when the ShowMiniToolbar property is set to MiniToolbarButton.RightButton or MiniToolbarButton.LeftButton | MiniToolbarButton.RightButton, the right mouse button is released and the current context is a selected text frame, drawing frame or barcode frame (ContextMenuLocation.SelectedFrame). The FrameworkElement.FindName method can be used to get a certain item and manipulate, move or delete it during the WPF.TextControl.ObjectMiniToolbarInitialized event. An ObjectMiniToolbar is inherited from the WPF.MiniToolbar class. The following describes only the properties, methods and events defined through the ObjectMiniToolbar class.


public class ObjectMiniToolbar : WPF.MiniToolbar
Public Class ObjectMiniToolbar
  Inherits WPF.MiniToolbar

Introduced: X15.


Enumeration Description
RibbonItem Each RibbonItem represents an item in a WPF.ObjectMiniToolbar.