The WPF.RulerBar class represents a tool bar which can be used to show or to set indents, margins and tabs of a WPF.TextControl. It can be connected with a WPF.TextControl through the WPF.TextControl.RulerBar or WPF.TextControl.VerticalRulerBar properties.


public class RulerBar : TextControlToolBar
Public Class RulerBar
  Inherits TextControlToolBar

Introduced: 16.0.


Property Description
BorderStyle Gets or sets the border style of the ruler bar.
DisplayColors Gets or sets the colors of the ruler bar.
EnablePageMargins Enables or disables the setting of page margins.
FormulaMode Gets or sets a value specifying whether the ruler bar shows cell references when the current input position is in a table cell.
ScaleUnit Gets or sets the unit of the ruler bar's scale.