Gets or sets the background color at the left edge of the status bar. This color is only used with the ColorScheme border style.


public System.Windows.Media.Color BackColor { get; set; }
Public Property BackColor As System.Windows.Media.Color


The following example uses the BackColor property and sets its value to White.

TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors colors = new TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors();

colors.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.StatusBarBorderStyle.ColorScheme;
colors.BackColor   = System.Windows.Media.Colors.White;
colors.FrameColor  = System.Windows.Media.Colors.Black;
Dim colors As TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors = New TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors()

colors.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.StatusBarBorderStyle.ColorScheme
colors.ForeColor   = System.Windows.Media.Colors.White
colors.FrameColor  = System.Windows.Media.Colors.Black