Gets or sets the background color at the top of the status bar. This color is only used with the VerticalColorScheme border style.

Introduced: X8.


public System.Windows.Media.Color BackColorTop { get; set; }
Public Property BackColorTop As System.Windows.Media.Color


The following example uses the BackColorTop property and sets its value to White. The BackColorTop property is only used with the VerticalColorScheme border style. Therefore initially the BorderStyle property is set to value VerticalColorScheme.

TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors colors = 
new TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors ()

colors.BorderStyle = TXTextControl.StatusBarBorderStyle.VerticalColorScheme;
colors.BackColorTop   =  System.Windows.Media.Color.White;
Dim colors As TXTextControl.WPF.StatusBarColors = New   

colors.BorderStyle =  
colors.BackColorTop   = System.Windows.Media.Color.White