Each DialogItem represents an item in a WPF.ThesaurusDialog dialog box. The corresponding string of a DialogItem is the same as the item's Name property. The string can be used with the FrameworkElement.FindName method to get the item and manipulate, move or delete it.


Member Description
TXITEM_FindSynonymsLabel Identifies the Find Synonyms label.
TXITEM_LanguageLabel Identifies the Language label.
TXITEM_BackButton Identifies the Back button.
TXITEM_FindSynonymsTextBox Identifies the Find Synonyms text box.
TXITEM_LanguageComboBox Identifies the Language combo box.
TXITEM_SynonymsLabel Identifies the Synonyms label.
TXITEM_SynonymsTree Identifies the Synonyms tree view.
TXITEM_Replace Identifies the Replace button.
TXITEM_Cancel Identifies the Cancel button.