New Classes, Properties, Methods and Events

In TX Text Control 11.0 the following new classes, properties, methods and events have been added:


Class Description
TXTextControl.AutoSize The AutoSize class is used with the TextControl.AutoControlSize property, to enable automatic expansion or shrinking of a Text Control's width or height.
TXTextControl.Image An instance of the Image class represents an image in a Text Control document.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection The TableBaseCollection class is the base class for the table collection classes.


Property Description
TXTextControl.AutoSize.AutoExpand Gets or sets possible directions for expanding the control.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.AutoShrink Gets or sets possible directions for shrinking the control.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.MaxSize Gets or sets the maximum size, in pixels, for expanding the control.
TXTextControl.AutoSize.MinSize Gets or sets the minimum size, in pixels, for shrinking the control.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportCompressionQuality Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy data compression used if this image is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportFileName Gets or sets the file name of an image used, if a Text Control document is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportFilterIndex Gets or sets the format used if an image is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.ExportMaxResolution Gets or sets the maximum resolution in dots per inch used if this image is saved.
TXTextControl.Image.FileName Gets or sets the corresponding file name and path from which an inserted image is loaded.
TXTextControl.Image.FilterIndex Gets or sets the format used, if an image is inserted.
TXTextControl.Image.HorizontalScaling Gets or sets an images's horizontal scaling factor in percent.
TXTextControl.Image.InsertionMode (Only for compatibility) Gets or sets a value determining whether an image is treated as a single character or the document's text either flows around or overwrites the image.
TXTextControl.Image.SaveMode Determines whether the image is stored through its data or through its file reference.
TXTextControl.Image.VerticalScaling Gets or sets an images's vertical scaling factor in percent.
TXTextControl.LoadSaveSettingsBase.MasterPassword Specifies a password for the document's access permissions.
TXTextControl.LoadSaveSettingsBase.UserPassword Specifies the password for the user when the document is reopened.
TXTextControl.SaveSettings.DocumentAccessPermissions Specifies how a document can be accessed after it has been opened.
TXTextControl.SaveSettings.ImageCompressionQuality Sets a value between 1 and 100, which is the quality of a lossy image compression used when a document is saved.
TXTextControl.SaveSettings.ImageMaxResolution Sets the maximum resolution for all images in the document in dots per inch when the document is saved.
TXTextControl.Table.CanSplit Checks whether this table can be split.
TXTextControl.Table.NestedLevel Gets the nested level for the specified table.
TXTextControl.Table.NestedTables Gets a collection of all tables nested in this table.
TXTextControl.Table.OuterMostTable Gets a table's outermost table.
TXTextControl.Table.OuterTable Gets a table's outer table.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.Count Gets the number of tables contained in the collection.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.IsSynchronized Returns true if the collection is designed to be thread safe, otherwise, it returns false.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.SyncRoot Gets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the collection.


Method Description
TXTextControl.Table.Split Splits a table below or above the current input position.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.CopyTo Copies the elements of the collection to an array, starting at a particular index.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.GetEnumerator Returns an enumerator that can be used to iterate through the collection.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.GetItem Gets a particular table from the collection.
TXTextControl.TableBaseCollection.Remove Removes a particular table from the collection.