New Features and Update Notes

TX Spell .NET 9.0 provides the following new features:

Customizing Default Directory Paths

By default four directories are required to make use of the TX Spell .NET features spell checking, hyphenation, creating synonyms and detecting language scopes: the Dictionaries, HyphenationLists, SynonymLists and LanguageRecognition folders. On a development machine, these folders are located in the \Assembly\ subdirectory in the TX Spell .NET installation directory. When the application is deployed to an end-user's machine, TX Spell .NET looks for these directories in the application's root folder. With TX Spell .NET 9.0, the location of these subfolders can be determined by specifying a directory path with the corresponding properties DictionariesDirectoryPath, HyphenationListsDirectoryPath SynonymListsDirectoryPath and LanguageRecognitionDirectoryPath.

ShowDialog Settings

With TX Spell .NET 9.0, the ShowDialogSettings class provides the possibility to determine the start position and the owner of the built-in options or spell check dialog. To specify these settings for the spell check dialog, the TXSpellChecker.SpellChecker.ShowDialogSettings property is provided. The options dialog can be modified by setting an instance of the ShowDialogSettings class as a parameter to the OptionsDialog method.

Supporting All Platforms

TX Spell 9.0 is compatible with .NET Core 3.1, .NET 5 and .NET 6. All platform dependent system calls have been replaced, so that TX Spell .NET can now be deployed to all supported platforms including Windows, Linux and macOS operating systems.